Monday, October 15, 2007

Image and text

Czech Book Covers of the 1920's and 30's

Words from Cold War Era propaganda films, via Mondo Capo at the Austin Film Festival Saturday night:

"Rape? I've tried it once or twice."

As an innocent young preppie takes his first experimental toke:
"He sacrifices his dignity and puts his future on the chopping block."

For a similar message, check out "Keep Off the Grass" on YouTube.

Friday, October 05, 2007

This is how they like their cake

I saw Low for the third time on Wednesday. The first two times were kind of accidental. At the first, I wondered why I wasn't alone at home, doing drugs while lying on a trippy carpet. At the second, it occurred to me that a symptom of suicidal depression might be listening to Low, and my friends might want to know that.

Then I started listening to Low. Surprisingly, I did not feel any suicidal tendencies. I listened more, and still, nothing. My general well-being and chipper personality remained intact. And then I watched this music video. Which you should do. Right now.

I think... I think I might love it.

The show was great, though they usually chat more. Alan Sparhawk's humor is a scorched-desert kind of dry. There is video documentation of this.

I sometimes wonder what it would be like to grow up as the children of Low. I think this video might be inspired by a reading of Matilda, by Roald Dahl. With an emphasis on Bruce.