Monday, May 28, 2007

New news!

Long time, no write. I must admit I've been cheating on Crap in a Bucket with another blog - a more attractive, more desirable blog. I get paid to write there and people actually comment, and what did you ever do for me, "Crap in a Bucket"? You simply allow people to internet-stalk me, if they so choose. You're actually kind of creepy, Crap in a Bucket.

But I love you anyhow.

That said, I've been homesteading in earnest, which means I've been Craigslisting in earnest, to moderate success. Today I picked up a vintage chair

and this guy's entire spice and sauce collection for $20. It was pretty sweet.

But my proudest moment has been the arranging of the "owl nook." While in no way comparable in sentiment to the original owl wall, it is still a beautiful thing that makes me very happy to gaze upon in owl-struck wonder.

(I will add a visual aid later, so you can virtually visit the owl nook, if you are not lucky enough to breakfast there.)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Another glowing moment

from the mouth of George Saunders:

It's not the case that we're gonna cure all our problems. But it's also not the case that all our pleasure will ever vanish. I think at the very last minute of the world, after we've global-warmed ourselves, and it's 400 degrees and only the elite can live in these little refrigerators with plasma TVs, the people who are burning to death outside are gonna kind of be reaching for the hand of the person next to them or having a memory of childhood or finding some way of knowing pleasure in that.

This from an interview with Guernica. Could I love a fiction writer more? No. Probably not.