Monday, May 12, 2008


This is the best beer bread ever. Make it now, if you know what's good for you. Because this - this is good for you.

It would also be good for a potluck, and I've been invited to about a zillion of them in the past few weeks. I do not exaggerate. In fact, I'm going to one tonight (and making some focaccia). And during a long-planned potluck last Thursday, the Garden Posse decided to stop maintaining a garden, and focus on potlucks. Basically, a garden is lots of hard work, and after a year of that, we'd rather just eat. Also, community organization is a huge drag. We're having a Malcolm X birthday/full moon potluck celebration next Monday and inviting Austin's radicals, plus a bunch of random people off Craigslist (my job). Come! We'll talk about anarchy. And in today's political climate, who's not up for that?

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Rejected science questions

We're doing this series called, "Ask the Scientists," in which we solicit science questions from children around the world. Right now we're in the process of going through the lists and looking for the questions that you can ask a scientist without laughing. That should be the subtitle - "Ask the Scientists: With a straight face, please."

These are not those questions.

Fern, in Lao PDR, wants to know:

Could we create a living pom pom – moving breathing talking naturally?
Is it possible to create a functioning cross between a wombat and a caterpillar?

Her classmate, Osvaldo, wonders:

How do plasma TVs work?
Why do plasma TV still work after water is poured on it?

Sounds like Osvaldo did some science on his own.

Friday, May 02, 2008

World's Largest Dog Museum

In an antiques market north of Waco, Texas. I'm skeptical of the "World's Largest" claim, but personally, I have never seen so many dog collectibles in one place. My favorites were the celebratory poodles.