Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A heartbreaking work of staggering dancing

This breaks my heart and then warms the shattered pieces.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

In the past few days...

- I made vampire cupcakes for a pumpkin carving party. They had little fang marks in them and bled cherry filling when you bit into them. Delicious and cute and grotesque is my favorite combination of adjectives to describe anything, so overall successful. Also a tad geeky, because I found the recipe on BoingBoing. Photos forthcoming.

- My bike was stolen. I had bought it from my cousin, and it had been a faithful friend on the streets of Austin. We rode with hundreds on a Harvest moon bike ride, we watched others fall off their own bikes while remaining reliably upright, we discovered the non-guilty pleasures of human-powered transportation. It was a beautiful partnership, and we were inseparable. When I got on the bus for the first time without my bike (I usually take my bike on the bus to work and ride it home), my friendly bus driver stared at me slack jawed. I told him it had been stolen. He told me, "You just don't look the same without your bike."

Fortunately, I picked up a barely used women's Schwinn road bike yesterday - courtesy of Craigslist. And it was cheap. I believe in the Black Angel of Bike Theft and the Benevolent God of Craigslist.

- I went to Maker Faire. It was wonderful and amazing.

The Lifesized Mousetrap!

Dirty car art!

My friend Megan, who is kind of looking like a pirate here, kills herself with a sword.

Highlights of the Faire included cycle-powered carnival rides, meeting the inventor of TV-B-Gone, and nice creative people all around.

- I've been working as always. Today I discovered a very cool MIT geek, who I hope to interview about his new robot suit. He also does tons of other cool artist shit, of which I am completely jealous.

We have Steven Pinker, Harvard psychologist, on our show this week. He's talking about swearing. I watched his interview on the Colbert Report. Colbert mentions how Pinker moved from MIT to Harvard, and says, "That's like leaving the nerds' table to go sit at the rich nerds' table." I will vote for anyone who will say that to a scientist's face, in a presidential election. No questions asked.